OUR STORY unfolds in 2015 when we set out for a dream to start our own business. We finally came to the conclusion that a party rental would be what we would strive to build. And with hard work and motivation, we made it happen. Starting from ground zero, we put a lot of our income into it. Pulling a lot of strings to make it happen and with legal work done too.

OUR INSPIRATION came from our two young daughters, Izabella and Ezmeralda. Hence the name Bellezme arose. Few months into the company and we finally began to get calls.


PROVIDING GREAT SERVICE is what we are all about. It is a company we plan to grow immensely one day at a time, while leaving all kinds of satisfied smiles along the way. Even though we are still at a starting point, we do the best we can to provide great prices and services by teaming up with other great companies. =)

Arturo & Maria (owners)